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grace & magic.

Grace. Love begins naturally, but the deepest love requires care and cultivation. I truly believe that with grace and selfless attention marriages work and families flourish. As the years pass I continue to pray prayers for grace and a rooted and cultivated life over each of my couples.


Magic. So few days in our busy lives are considered truly magical. Simple, or lavish, your wedding day is full of an almost tangible magic! ​I am drawn  to all things magical and ethereal,  its part of what draws me in to weddings.  I get to make your personal history stand still long enough to last your lifetime; and that is truly incredible and truly magical! This is wedding photography for couples as excited about the marriage as you are about the wedding!

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Classic images driven by light, shadow, and connection to our loved ones and surroundings.  



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 The true value of your wedding day lies in your marriage.  It is undoubtedly even more beautiful and complex than your most perfect wedding day details and even more important than your photos (gasp)!  I hope that you will make your most important investments consistently, and deeply into the value of your spouse. 


But the truth is, time fades our memories,  loved ones pass away,  and the history of your day is undeniably worth preserving.  The value of a time-tested true professional extends far beyond the ability to make beautiful images.  Its in knowing how to keep an anxious bride calm, while still moving the schedule along.  Its in making the right judgement call about weather. Its about being in the right place at the right time, not by chance, but by careful planning.   Its about knowing and understanding light and problem solving on the fly!

No matter the size of your wedding budget, choose your photographer with wisdom.  This is the person who will be with you throughout your entire wedding day, the person who will capture your most treasured images of your first day of marriage,  those moments with your favorite grandma, and those hugs from your dad.  

Wedding Collections beginning at $2600.00 with special offers available to weddings taking place in Lakeland, FL (Love my community!)



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Tina is the most remarkable, imaginative photographer! We could not have asked for a more talented artist!! Her play with light and movement make her a true visual storyteller. She perfectly captured the spirit of our engagement photos and our wedding event -- and she is just a pleasure to work with, so easy and unobtrusive. Her taste is impeccable. She quietly directed us without making us feel self-conscious -- and the results were truly remarkable. We are so grateful to have wonderful memories from our wedding that will remain vividly memorialized in her stunning images. I could not possibly recommend Tina more -- you would be crazy to get married in Florida and NOT use her!!! I have never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day and I have Tina to thank for it.



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